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Mamacat's Q. Tea blends are inspired by fairy tales and some claim that with the first sip, it releases a magical feeling of wellness. Our 10 oversized tea sachets make about 25-30 cups. We take special orders for these blends without stevia, our natural sweetener. Reawaken your taste buds!

To say that I am addicted to Jeena's incredible tea is an understatement. I am a tea snob and this is by far the best tea I have ever had. Its soothing qualities are so powerful that I now travel with them and have a cup every night before bed. They also make great gifts. I gave them to my sons' teachers this year and they were a big hit. Thank you Jeena!
—Heather, NY (co-founder of www.BabyBites.com)

Ruby Slippers

  • mouthwatering medley of pure hibiscus flowers and citrus peels for vibrant ruby color and sweet, juicy taste
  • Organic Ingredients: hibiscus flowers, elder flower, orange peel, lemon verbena, stevia

Emerald Wonderland

  • a sophisticated mélange of Goji berries and French lavender for a wonderfully balancing afternoon pick-me-up or soothing digestif
  • Organic Ingredients: French lavender, goji berries, milk thistle, stevia

Golden Slumbers

  • a calming blend of German chamomile, lemon balm and citrus for a touch of tang, perfect for winding down an active day.
  • Organic Ingredients: chamomile, lemon balm, tangerine peels, stevia

Amber Maharani

  • Classic chai taste without the caffeine. Made with Rooibos, an African bush tea prized for its mellowing effect. Add milk for a nutritious, extraordinary cup.
  • Organic Ingredients: rooibos, cardamom, coriander, fennel seed, Jamaican all-spice, stevia

Casablanca Mist

  • a scintillating mix of spearmint, luscious rose petals and licorice root to rejuvenate and relax - it's our favorite new elixir.
  • Organic Ingredients: spearmint, red rose petals, licorice root, elderflower, stevia

Blossom Hill

  • an alluring homage to the classic Earl Grey - finest Italian bergamot oil joins rooibos and cardamom for an unforgettable, exotic taste.
  • 10% of sales benefit the Blossom Hill Foundation, an organization aiding children in war-torn countries
  • Organic Ingredients: rooibos, Italian bergamot oil, cardamom seeds, stevia

I loved it. It [Golden Slumbers] reminded me of the chamomile I would drink when I studied in Paris. I liked it so much I made my fiancee try it and HE liked it. And he only drinks tea when he's on his deathbed. :)
—Danielle, PA

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